The Disney deception part 1: More on the Monarch Mind Control Slave from Disney ”Selena Gomez” first part.

As some of us truth tellers know is that Selena Gomez is a total Monarch Mind Control Slave. See this Disney’s Programmed Princesses Selena and Demi for more info one Selena’s programming.

Photo of Selena in one of her childhood alters.

Analysis of Naturally

This video clearly Monarch Programming, hypnotic images that come in and out of the video, Color Programming, and Jewel Programming which is the shape of a diamond coming hypnotically with colors in and out of this video.

Selena’s multiple personalities include:

One that wears sun glasses, One that wears a pink dress, and another that wears a white T-Shirt with a glove on her right hand.

Selena at times in this music video is compartmentalizing her mind into many multiple personalities.

Some of the words she sings in this song are symbolic of her electroshock programming like ”You are the thunder and I am the lightning” etc.

I highly doubt Selena wrote any of this without the help of her programmers.handlers.

Pyramids appear on and off in the background of this video which is subliminally telling you that ”The illuminati is okay” when you subconsciously know they aren’t.

Now we have an understanding of how the ”illuminati” can turn anything good into bad.

If you pay attention to Selena’s body Language in this video it is very sexist and seductive this is because Selena is in one of her cat alters while she is doing this. Read this Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control – The Evolution of Project MKULTRA and this Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler for a better understanding of how the Monarch Project has been around within the Walt Disney Co. for as long as Disney was created.

There is a Monarch Mind Control Trigger in this video, it is when Selena is skipping at the same time the music is skipping, so it’s pretty much like a skipping record.

Selena is wearing sun earrings in this video also which is referring to sun worship used by a lot of occultists still today, I have to thank a youtuber by the name of ”Daisy2u2” for giving my the info on the sun earrings.

There is one part in this video where Selena raises one of her eyebrows which is another hint hint of her being sexual/seductive.

By the way subliminally that diamond shape is the opening of a woman’s Vagina, I know it’s sickening but it’s the truth.

Screen Shot of Selena’s hint hint sexual taunting.

Selena compartmentalizing her mind.

The Jewel Programming/Color Programming within naturally aka the subliminal opening of a woman’s Vagina.

Selena’s sun earrings.

Screen Shot of the disturbing Monarch Mind Control Trigger in this video.

The illuminati pyramid worship within the video.

Doesn’t this look like the Baphomet position to you? so as above same below that is the concept of the illuminati.

This is Baphomet one of many satanic so called ”Gods” that the satanists worship.

And Selena singing ”It comes naturally when you’re with me baby” is obviously sexual because she is talking about some guy having his sperm in her Vagina or about her having an orgasm with some guy I am not trying to be obscene here but sometimes you just have to talk about things like this for the sake of the children and what trash they are being fed this days.

Analysis of Falling Down

In this music video there is more blatant Jewel Programming like in Naturally, and yes subliminally the shape of a diamond is a woman’s Vagina.

There is also Color Programming in this music video as well as Selena being very seductive/sexual.

Remember it’s all in the body language.

Analysis of ”Tell me something I don’t know”

Selena goes in and out of her multiple personalities in this music video.

In the first part of this video Selena is wearing a maid’s dress and is already in a full blown cat alter of her that is completely sexual.

Then another cat alter of Selena’s comes out when she is in a black background with words with colors on them are zooming by her, this is obvious color programming and is also great for triggering her multiples (Alters).

Selena all pimped up and sexual wearing a maid’s dress.

Selena in another cat alter of her’s in the trigger filled background.

Then Selena takes off her maid’s dress and goes outside of the building she was in, starts to dance all sexually/seductively and goes into this same cat alter in this screen shot.

(Note: the front of the building she comes out of outside is full of trigger words for her alters.

Screen Shot of the trigger filled building.

The stripped shirt she wears in the video is a good trigger for her alters.

Analysis of ”Fly to your heart”

Selena and anyone else who watches with music video will get a dose of Monarch Programming, Fairy Tale Programming and Color Programming.

Forests, Trees, Gardens, Rainbows and flowers are all used in Monarch Programming to create/trigger multiple personalities.

Flying is referring to dissociation within the victims mind so therefore they think they are flittering or flouting like a butterfly or fairy when they are in this dissociative state, that is why Fritz Springmeier said ”The Monarch Butterfly is great for Monarch Programming”.

The letter ”S” is formed in a rainbow by a fairy, this is obvious symbolic of the ”S” in Selena’s name therefore this is also symbolic of her Monarch Programming.

Also fairy dust is associated with Monarch Programming.

The ”S” in Selena’s name being formed in a rainbow by a fairy.

The ”S” in the Disney logo is strange, could this ”S” be a hint to us that Selena was going to be famous? you never know.

Analysis of ”Cruella De Vil”

This music video is an indoctrination to pretty much anyone who watches it to think that Villains are good and that fear is good.

Now when the hell did villains become likable? THEY DIDN’T only Disney and their empire made it look ”Cool” or ”Good”.

Screen Shot of the Polka Dots in this video which by the way are a great trigger for multiple personalities.

All of these Disney slaves are programmed with Villain Programming at one point or the other.

This film is probably where all of the mind control started with Selena.

The film is 100% symbolic of Selena’s Electroshock Programing.

You see when the mind goes thru a certain amount of trauma especially electroshock you either die or split off your mind into multiple personalities as a defense mechanism.

Time Travel is used in Monarch Programming to create amnesia walls within the victim’s mind so they think they were ”Time Traveling” when they were not. Now time travel does exist but in Monarch Programming it is used for Specially creating amnesia walls.

There is fear based programming in this film as well considering both Selena and one of the other main character’s in the film screams after they see a Dinosaur when they go back to that time period.

There is a chair it is called ”The Montauk Chair” and this chair has been known to be used for both mind control and real time travel. Selena might have been a victim of this chair but I can’t say that for sure unless I have proof to back it up.

The theme song to the film is 100% symbolic of her Electroshock Programming as well

Lyrics to BrainZapped

Mom always said that books could take you to another world

But I don’t think that this is what she meant

(This is what she meant)

I’m shuttling through

These distant lands and ocean shores

Don’t really know where I’ll go next

Cuz I’ve been brain zapped

Let’s go explore

Brain zapped

To a whole new world

Brain zapped

Come be my guest

Brain zapped

Don’t know where I’ll go next

My mind is spinning around

Got all of this knowledge

Just wanna shout out

Gotta get it

Under control

Cuz the light is green

And we’re ready to go



Brain zapped

Let’s go explore

Brain zapped

To a whole new world

Brain zapped

Come be my guest

Brain zapped

Don’t know where I’ll go next

Analysis of Lyrics

Okay now here is my analysis of the brain zapped theme song but before we start remember every time Selena says sings ”Brain zapped’ she means ”Electroshock” so brain zapped=electroshock, also when a victim goes in for a monarch mind control programming session the core personality of their’s will not remember what happened but the multiple personality that was programmed in that session will remember exactly what happened in that session, here we go.

Mom always said that books could take you to another world (Dissociative state)

But I don’t think that this is what she meant

(This is what she meant)

I’m shuttling through

These distant lands and ocean shores (I’m splitting my mind into multiple personalities and don’t know how it happened)

Don’t really know where I’ll go next (Because I have amnesia)

Cuz I’ve been brain zapped (Electroshocked)

Let’s go explore

Brain zapped (Electroshocked)

To a whole new world (Dissociative state)

Brain zapped (Electroshocked)

Come be my guest

Brain zapped (Electroshocked)

Don’t know where I’ll go next (Because I have amnesia)

My mind is spinning around (Note spinning meaning dissociation)

Got all of this knowledge (Programming)

Just wanna shout out (Just wanna be free)

Gotta get it

Under control (Gotta break free of my programming)

Cuz the light is green (Note green light something when her programmers are ready to program her do)

And we’re ready to go


Go (Because the light is green and they’re ready to program me program me program me)

Brain zapped (Electroshocked)

Let’s go explore

Brain zapped (Electroshocked)

To a whole new world (Dissociative state)

Brain zapped (Electroshocked)

Come be my guest

Brain zapped (Electroshocked)

Don’t know where I’ll go next (Because I have amnesia)

Now Selena is Telling us she is programmed and wants to be de-programmed, also every time in this film Selena Gomez gets out of a pothole to a different time Selena always says ”Where am I?” now this is her amnesia walls coming up ever time she time travels so what I’m trying to so is that every time she is being programmed she gets amnesia that is why fake time travel not real time travel is great in monarch programming.

As we can tell here is that we see a thunderbolt aimed right at Selena’s head this is the most blatant thing you could find on her Electroshock Programming.

Analysis of Wizards o Waverly Place Intro

This intro has occultism, mirror programming and electroshock programming in it, first of all Selena Gomez’s character she plays called ”Alex” wakes up go to the bathroom and right away pushes the other character called ”Justin” then thunderbolts come out of justin’s fingers and hit alex (Clear electroshock programming) then they alex character goes into the mirror this is what we who know about monarch programming call ”Mental enslavement”.

then all of the kid characters cast spells clear reference to witchcraft and I don’t mean white witchcraft either watch john todd exposing occultism on youtube (Note all of the Disney mind control slaves are programmed with occultism and are probably forced to go to satanic rituals one way or the other at one point.

Selena being trapped in the bathroom mirror/mentally enslaved.

Analysis of trailer.

This is full of electroshock programming and occultism. Thunderbolts come across the screen which is a clear reference to Electroshock Programming.

Selena duplicates herself which can be used in Monarch Programming to trigger her alters.

The Justin character has a talking zit that is black which is obviously racist (Telling you blacks are lower than whites).

And they cast spells it’s all occult.

It seems no one really knows who Selena’s real biological father is Selena’s mother might have been a raped so Selena being born might have been by her mother being raped you never know because from what we who know about monarch programming is that sexual abuse and monarch programming are generational so Selena’s mom might be a monarch slave too but even if she is she has no balls and knows exactly what hell Selena has gone thru, the first day Selena’s parents like her go in for a monarch mind control programming session and signed her rights away to Disney was the first day they stopped being parents.

Video above has Selena in the total Monarch Programming Spy Kids 3D film (Also notice the multiple personality Selena is in).

Notice when the main character says ”You know who really owns this park” then we see All-Seeing illuminati Eye symbolism telling us that they own the park.

A little history of where Selena Gomez’s name comes from

Selena was named after another monarch mind control slave from texas called ”Selena” was had a programmed death wonder why she was named after this singer? well this is what we who know about monarch programming call ”Monarch methodology” (Meaning one monarch slave passes her programming to another with the same name), photo of the original Selena below.

Also Selena’s second album was called ”Alpha” which is the first programming they do to you to split your core personality into multiple personalities.

(Read Ron Patton’s project monarch for more on ALPHA).

Subliminal and obvious.

Selena in a mind control trance.

Also dying your hair is one of many themes used in mind control programming.

This photo is symbolic of Selena’s abused/programmed self.

Selena in yet another multiple personality that looks very much in a trance.

Also notice the Purity Ring she is wearing which is symbolic of her Spiritual Programming.

Great trigger for her cat alters.

This is the first episode of the wizards of waverly place and it is like always full of occultism and monarch programming.

in the first part of this episode alex’s dad is teaching her and her brothers pure witchcraft.

Alex is also wearing a stripped shirt in this episode (Note stripped shirts are used in Monarch Programming to both trigger and create multiple personalities).

Selena’s stripped shirt from this episode.

and alex talks about a enemy of her’s called ”Ji Ji” that actually Has the same name as the black cat from the animated total witchcraft film called”Kiki’s delivery service” also alex says something about Ji Ji pulling a prank on her when she was a kid saying she made something like like she ”Wet her mat” it just shows you how sick and perverted Disney really is.

Alex’s father keeps everyone under control and forces them to learn occultism.

and they always make the woman Be sexist in this show it is all the Disney agenda now being forced at kids/teenagers.

The Ji Ji character is obviously one of the bitchy popular girls this theme is always in

Disney, then in one scene of this episode the bitchy popular character Ji Ji messes with alex saying she just pissed on the floor once again more pedophile Disney crap.

they talk about goblins it’s all occult. There is a sun symbol in one part of the floor in alex’s house this is obviously referring to sun worship.

Screen shot of the sun worship on the floor in the show.
then Alex duplicates herself (Note duplication can be used in monarch programming totrigger and create multiple personalities) also alex says in one part of Episode ”It will take more then one of me to defeat Ji Ji (Meaning it will take my multiple personalities to defeat Ji Ji).
Screen shot of Selena duplicating herself.

also alex’s multiple personality is an a

Complete dissociative trance and does not talk until she barks (Meaning she is in a demon alter).

then max says in one scene of this episode ”Either I just broke dad’s wand or I just broke my butt knuckle” very disturbing and pedophilic.Selena’s multiple is so programmed she is like a robot to think this is funny isMessed up, and there is a golden mask in one scene in this episode of alex’s House (Note masks are one of many things used in monarch programming) One of alex’s friends called ”Harper” says in one part of this episode ”I’m wearing Rainbow socks and a flower shirt” (Note both flowers and rainbows are used in Monarch programming) then justin says to max to max’s new wand can make Portholes etc. (Note portholes and time travel are one of many things used in Monarch programming to create amnesia walls within the victim’s mind) and Max controls/programs Selena’s multiple to do what ever he wants her to do, Alex starts to hit herself (Meaning her brother put a trigger in her to hit herself) Alex starts to be completely robotic having no control of her programming, Then max starts to makes her spin really fast (Note spinning is used in monarch Programming to create dissociation within the victim), and alex says ”Help me” While she is spinning really fast (Meaning she is being programmed andCrying out for help), then they make it look like Ji Ji pissed on her pantsWhen she didn’t it’s all the pedophile agenda of Disney, then Alex’s dadCalls her and her multiple personality ”Dummies ”clearly telling you that they treatThese slaves like dolls always tossing them around and torturing them.Also there is a type of butterfly thing in the end of this episode in alex’sHome (note butterflies are one of many things used in monarch programmingTo trigger and create multiple personalities, then at the end of this episodeAlex duplicates her dad which like I said is a trigger for Selena’sMultiple personalities.

Screen shot of the butterfly at the end of this episode.

Analysis of this video

Selena has bruises on her legs once again it’s all from the electroshock In this slow live version of ”Naturally” it just shows you how brainwashed the audience is.

Analysis of video
Selena is singing in a very depressing way and is an a multiple why is she in a multiple? you might say well it is because her multiple that is singing looks and acts different then Selena’s core personality also some of the words in this song like ”You are the thunder And I am the lighting” is like I have said referring to her electroshock programming, And like always the fans are mind controlled.

More proof of Selena’s programming

This video just shows how screwed up Disney is making their monarch Slaves sing about Relationships making kids/teenagers want to date At young ages which will lead to under age sex one way or the other, And I won’t apologize is really talking about making girls sexist bitches, and again all of the fans are mind fucked.

In this episode there is clear indoctrination to make kids/teenagers date at young agesWhich like I have said already can lead to under age sex and they make some male and female Characters in this episode act dumb Disney is so fucked up that they are racist against their Own culture. also the goth girl justin is dating acts dumb once again racism against blacks and Whites goes around all the time in Disney just like what fritz springmeier said ”Disney is the Biggest deception in america by far” (Note goth is connected with the occult not to mention Just stupid), notice how harper is wearing a pink diamond necklace while talking to alex in the beginning of this episode it has been told by many researchers of monarch programming that a Pink diamond symbolises high class sex slavery monarch programming in the monarch slave that wears It, also this pink diamond is a trigger for Selena’s cat alters, then alex and harper Mention halloween which as told by john todd is all black magic witchcraft watch video below On john todd, and the goth girl is wearing a necklace with a sword being stabbed into a heart This is a masonic symbol, and alex pulls the sexist agenda on justin in this episode too like she Knows everything about about girls and justin doesn’t it’s all indoctrination to make woman be Bad sexists, also justin, max, alex and their father look thru a glass ball it’s all monarch Programming and also the glass ball breaks this is both referring to the shattered mind of a Victim from monarch programming and it is also a trigger for trauma based memories of the Programming, and like always there is witchcraft in this show, (Note when they use a spell to Rewind time this rewind time thing is used in monarch programming to create amnesia walls Within the victim’s mind, and like always alex gets away with she wants by using the sexist Agenda she has leaned just shows you how fucked up Disney will always be, and notice the Stripped red shirt Selena is wearing in this episode is a blatant trigger for her multiple personalities and also strips and colors are used in monarch programming to create and Trigger multiple personalities, then justin gets so mind fucked by alex he starts kissing a Soccer ball and other things, then they make fun of the goth girl by saying what she said about ”Video Games are being ran by corporate america” is just a joke which is bullshit because what the Goth girl is saying is actually very true, also harper treats justin like shit at one point in this Episode once again this is the Disney agenda of making girls sexist and making men dumb, also They use this rewind spell a few more times in this episode like I said they use things like this To create amnesia walls within the victim’s mind to make them think they are or where time Traveling or rewinding time when they where not, and at the end of this episode Selena is wearing a blue stripped outfit once again a obvious trigger for her multiple personalities Also there is a part in this episode where alex’s mom’s boobs are bouncing up and down just shows us again how perverted and how full of pedophiles Disney is.

Screen shot of the masonic ”Heart in sword” item the girl character in this episode is wearing.

Screen shot of one of the stripped shirts Selena wears in this episode which is like always a great trigger for her multiple personalities.

Yet another stripped trigger shirt.

John Todd.

Video above has handler talking about of all of her handlers gave her the present she opens notice how there is a ribbon on the box of this present (Note ribbons are one of many things used in monarch programming to Create and trigger multiple personalities), this handlers make me sick!!!!
Don’t they make you sick?
Selena looking 100% programmed and fake wearing sex kitten makeup also notice the ”Monarch Doll” look in this photo as well.

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